Colori della Repubblica Italiana
12.06.2012 - Indiana teen wins elite chance for Italy opera study
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) At a young age, Jessica True took parts in local musical theater and began dreaming of being the "next star on Broadway." But the Bloomington High School North student's acting career wasn't taking off as she had hoped.
"I would get call-back auditions, so they liked me, but I just wasn't what they wanted," she said. "Or, I would get a role, but not the role I wanted. I got really frustrated because a lot of it was looks-oriented. I just wasn't fitting into their idea of what that part was." In the midst of Jessica's frustration, she found an avenue that seemed to fit her talent and passion like nothing before. "I found opera," she said. "Which is so much more about the voice. I fell in love with it. Now I sing it, and I would like to do that as my career." In the few short years since she was introduced to opera, Jessica, now 16, began taking voice lessons and has participated in programs and competitions in Indiana, Illinois and Massachusetts, which led to a weeklong tour of Italy. This summer, music will take Jessica to the epicenter of opera: Italy, where she will take part in the Bel Canto Institute Summer Program. "I've never had that opportunity, and it's kind of a wonderful level to move into," Jessica said. For one month, Jessica will live with a host family in Italy and will receive private coaching, voice lessons and Italian language instruction and will take part in two live performances as part of the program. Jessica was one of 35 singers chosen from throughout the world. In addition to honing her skills, Jessica is also excited to simply spend a month in Italy, where she plans to devour the Italian culture.
"I love everything Italian," she said with a huge smile. As her passion for opera continues to grow, so has Jessica's talent, according to her voice coach Alice Hopper, a senior lecturer at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music. "She's definitely grown vocally, and she's also matured as a person," Hopper said. Even though it only takes a few minutes with Jessica to see her passion and love for music and theater is real, Hopper acknowledges there are times her student's ambition gets ahead of her ability. While ambition and determination are needed in a business that can be tough to break into, Hopper said most importantly a person needs talent. That aspect, Hopper said, Jessica has covered. "She is a singer at heart," Hopper said. "By that I mean she has a feel for the words that she sings. She has a feel for the music. . She just has it in her." As for her family, Jessica's father, Jim True, said Jessica's love of music has been evident since she was a little girl. "She's always sung, even when she was teeny tiny," he said. "When she was playing, she would sing." True said he tries to be supportive of Jessica's dreams without pushing her too hard. With a love for baking and learning new languages, his daughter is a well-rounded person who enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, True said.
   Information from: The Herald Times, 
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