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Consulate of Italy in Detroit
Buhl Building
535 Griswold, Suite 1840
Detroit, Michigan 48226 USA


  1. Who can apply for a passport
  2. Digital fingerprinting
  3. Documents to submit
  4. Issuance of a passport for a minor
  5. Instructions
  6. Cost and payment method
  7. Stolen or lost passport
  8. Letter of consent for minors



  • To be able to request a passport through this office you must already have been granted Italian citizenship, either at birth or following a request for citizenship recognition. (For information on how to request Italian citizenship, please visit the Citizenship page of this Consulate website).
  • Italian citizens residing for at least 6 months per year in this Consular jurisdiction must already have submitted an AIRE registration request to this Consulate BEFORE scheduling a passport appointment. This also applies to citizens currently registered in AIRE who were previously registered at another Consulate who satisfy the residency requirement. To register in the AIRE registry through this Consulate, visit the Registry – AIRE page of this website. AIRE registration is a legal obligation of all Italian citizens (art. 6 of law 470/1988) and is required for passport issuance abroad.
  • By law, passport applications should be submitted to the issuing office in whose jurisdiction the citizen resides, whether in Italy or abroad. If a passport request is submitted to an office in whose jurisdiction one does not reside, the request will incur a longer processing time in order to obtain the necessary authorization from the competent Questura/Consulate.
  • To request a passport for a minor, parents must have already submitted a request to register the minor’s birth certificate to a Consulate/Embassy abroad, or directly to a Comune in Italy. For information on how to register a birth certificate, please visit the Vital Records page of this Consulate website.
  • All passport applicants who are 12-year old and older require an individual appointment at this office.


  • It is no longer possible to renew Italian passports. Those with an expiring (or expired) Italian passport must follow instructions for the issuance of a new passport booklet. Similarly, it is no longer possible to add pages to Italian passports. Citizens in possession of a valid Italian passport with no more available pages must follow the same instructions for the issuance of a new passport booklet.
  • The issuance of a passport requires the physical presence of the applicant at this Consulate in Detroit in order to acquire his/her digital fingerprints.
  • Applicants under 12 years old are exempt from digital fingerprinting.
  • Other reasons for exemption from fingerprinting are documented permanent or pathological disability, which must be proved through a Medical Certification letter issued by a local physician, hospital, etc., or evident disability or deformity


  • Application Form, duly completed and signed;
  • For the issuance of passports to adult applicants with minor children, consent form (atto di assenso) and a copy of a valid ID from the other parent;
  • Passport: if you are applying for your first Italian passport, or you also have US citizenship, please include a copy of the first two  pages of your US passport;
  • If you are a resident of the US, but not a citizen, copy of US Green Card or of valid US visa;
  • 2 (two) photographs, 1.5"x1.5" (full-face, must have a WHITE BACKGROUND);

Submit the following documents if not supplied before:

    1. Duly completed A.I.R.E. form (Registry of Italian Residing Abroad) for new applicants and if address/composition of family/other have changed since last time;
    2. Marriage certificate, if married after issuance of last passport;
    3. Death certificate of spouse, if the spouse was deceased after issuance of last passport;
    4. Birth certificate of minor;
    5. "Estratto di nascita" if the person who has come of age applies for the first passport.

If the abovementioned Certificates were issued by the United States authorities, they must be submitted in certified copies legalized with an "APOSTILLE", and be presented with an Italian translation. 


Please, note that minors who are less than 12-year old are exempt from fingerprinting. Thus, please include a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope (EXPRESS MAIL), if requesting a passport for a minor who is less than 12-year old).

  • Application Form, duly completed by a parent with the personal data of the child. Both parents must complete and sign the consent form (atto di assenso);
  • Passport: if you are applying for your first Italian passport, or you also have US citizenship, please include a copy of the first two pages of your US passport;
  • If you are a resident of the US, but not a citizen, copy of US Green Card or of valid US visa;
  • 2 (two) photographs, 1.5"x1.5" (full-face, must have a WHITE BACKGROUND);
  • Birth Certificate of the minor if the birth was not already registered with the Consulate. 


1. Complete the Application Form for the issuance of a passport;

2. Send the APPLICATION FORM, along with the rest of the required documentation mentioned below, AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE the appointment;

3. Schedule an appointment on our online reservation system.


Passport fees are subject to change every 3 months. Until next March 31, 2018, the cost for a passport is $138. The payment can be made with a money order on the day of the appointment (for applications of minors who are less than 12 years old, the money order can be sent along with the application). We do not accept cash or personal checks.


In the event of a stolen or lost passport, applicants must obtain a local police report. For any additional information, you are kindly requested to contact the Passport office of this Consulate by telephone at (313) 963-8560 ext. 116 or by e-mail.


Starting June 4, 2014, 14 year old minors who travel alone, without a parent, or accompanied by a guardian, must have a statement released by the parents who have the authority to give consent to the issuance of a passport to that minor, according to article 3, letter a of the law 1185/1967.

The request form to obtain this Statement can be downloaded here.

The EU parents who give consent to a guardian to travel with the minor must complete the request form and send a copy of their ID; parents who are not EU citizens (i.e. US citizens) must sign the request form before a Consular Agent or before a notary public.

Request may be sent to the Consulate by mail, fax or email. The Consular Office may request other documents if deemed necessary.